Don’t Fall for These Teeth Whitening Myths in 2019

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching has become a popular beauty regimen, especially among celebrities and Instagram influencers. However, social media and marketing have led to the creation of several myths that can affect a person’s success with these procedures. As 2019 continues, don’t fall for these five teeth whitening myths.

Myth 1: Leaving Bleach on the Teeth Longer Results in Whiter Teeth

Many people believe that the hydrogen peroxide solution used to whiten the teeth can be left on for long periods of time to create an even brighter smile. This is false. The solution can only whiten the teeth so much and should only be used for the recommended period of time. Leaving it on too long can damage the teeth and leave permanent marks or weaknesses.

Myth 2: Teeth Whitening Can Be Done Every Day

This is patently false. Using the hydrogen peroxide bleach solution every day can result in teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold, and can even be made uncomfortable from exposure to the air. Patients should follow all of the instructions on a dentist-recommended product and should avoid the temptation to over-bleach.

Myth 3: You Can Return to Your Regular Habits after Bleaching

Many people believe that once the bleaching trays are removed, the whiteness will not be affected by food, drink, or tobacco products. However, dentists recommended avoiding tobacco, coffee, tea, soda, and red wine for at least 24 to 48 hours after whitening because the teeth are porous during this time and can be discolored easily.

Myth 4: Smoking or Chewing Tobacco Won’t Affect Teeth Whitening

Dentists hear this all the time, but using tobacco products is one of the worst things someone can do after bleaching. Tobacco leaves behind yellow and brown stains that seep deep into the teeth. Consuming any tobacco product after 24 to 48 hours after whitening will ruin the results of the procedure.

Myth 5: Overfilling the Bleaching Trays Is Not Harmful

When you overfill the trays, you run the risk of the peroxide solution touching your gums. This can result in burns, painful sores, and general discomfort. The solution should also not be swallowed, and this increases the risk of that happening.


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