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Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Every Budget

In the search for a dentist near you? New Essence Dentistry is the answer, particularly for residents of West Sacramento, Rio Linda, Natomas, and Gardenland. Many advances made in cosmetic dentistry to help everyone – regardless of their budget or insurance coverage – move closer to achieving the smile of their dreams. In past decades, the mere mention of the word “cosmetic” in any procedure would lead people to believe that the treatment would be too expensive for them. Not true at New Essence Dentistry, where we offer several different smile makeover procedures that are affordable and can be done in as little as one treatment.

The Brightest Smile is the Highest in Demand

Why do you think you see so many television advertisements for bright, white smiles? It’s because a healthy smile conveys youth, vitality, and energy to the world. If you’re ready to convey that same image, New Essence dentists in Sacramento, CA, can make it happen with professional teeth whitening in Sacramento.

Professional Treatment Makes the Biggest Improvement

Many times, people will wonder why they need professional teeth whitening when there are so many whitening products available online and in the grocery stores. The answer is simple: the quality and strength of the bleaching product. Over-the-counter products are famous for over-promising and under-delivering. It can take months before a patient sees even one level of brightness in their smile. With the professional-grade application of bleaching materials, patients can see a difference of five or more bleaching after one appointment! If you have an important event, date, interview, or meeting coming up, professional teeth whitening in Sacramento from New Essence Dentistry is the only sure way to get the dazzling smile you deserve!

Learn More About Other Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions in Sacramento

Some other affordable cosmetic dental solutions include the use of dental veneers to correct stained, broken, or misshapen teeth. There are several types of dental veneers in Sacramento to choose from — knowing which will work best in your situation will require a treatment plan. Make an appointment now New Essence Dentistry to see how this form of cosmetic dentistry – and other procedures such as composite bonding and tooth-colored fillings — can easily improve your smile!

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