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There are plenty of reasons that people are not fans of how their teeth look but are not interested in all the different things that need to be done to get veneers. When looking for cosmetic solutions to their teeth issues, many people are surprised to know that dental bonding is one of the easier ways to ensure that you get your teeth looking the way you want in just a single visit. When you come to New Essence Dentistry, our dentists in Sacramento will go over dental bonding procedures with you. You may elect this method of cosmetic dentistry because of its ease.

Who Needs Dental Bonding?

Many different people are interested in getting dental bonding treatment. There are two types of patients looking for dental bonding. The first are patients who are looking for something to hide discoloration or misshapen teeth. Dental bonding is an excellent cosmetic procedure to alleviate the self-consciousness developed from these issues. Another reason patients prefer dental bonding is they can deal with teeth fractures and chips with ease. Dental bonding allows patients to get in and out of the office and have teeth that look exactly how natural teeth do.

How is Dental Bonding Performed?

Dental bonding is performed by the dentist using a composite resin. Essentially, the resin is a glue to the teeth, and that allows the bonding to attach to the teeth and fit ideally. The best part about dental bonding is how easy the procedure is. It usually takes no more than an hour, and the dentist is an expert at making sure the coloration is natural. It is one of the best parts of dental bonding because it does not require customization and multiple visits the way veneers do. When it comes to convenience, it is hard to beat the in and out nature of bonding.


If you are looking to get cosmetic treatment from a dentist near you, few things do a better job than dental bonding. Are you in West Sacramento, Rio Linda, Natomas, and Gardenland? Give us a call at New Essence Dentistry today to learn more about bonding.

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