Dentures and Valplast Dentures

There are many different reasons people require prosthetic dentistry. The good news about prosthetic dentistry is how advanced dentures have become. Today’s dentures are not your grandmother’s dentures. This means you don’t have to put your dentures in a glass of water at night along with the problems of comfort. In terms of getting the right fit for dentures and the Valplast dentures, New Essence Dentistry makes sure that patients get the right prosthetics that feel comfortable and natural. The reason why many people are hesitant to get dentures is that there are a lot of myths out about dentures that aren’t accurate.

What are Different Types of Dentures?

There are several different types of dentures, and when you get dentures from New Essence Dentistry, our goal is to make sure they fit correctly and feel natural in the mouth. There are regular dentures and Valplast dentures. These dentures are different in how they are fitted to patients. Valplast dentures are made with a flexible resin that forms around the gums and the teeth. This natural feel is what separates Valplast from other dentures. These dentures are molded to fit around the existing teeth in the mouth, and the prosthetic teeth feel just like the teeth you’ve had your whole life.

Who Requires Dentures?

The worst part about not having teeth is that there are so many bad things that can happen to the remaining teeth in the mouth. The teeth are more prone to trauma, and lots of particulates can get caught in areas that wouldn’t normally be problematic if there was a full set of teeth. With more people aging today than ever, there is a greater need for dentures. Having a full set of teeth means that you can chew your food more efficiently, you can speak clearer, and you can smile more confidently.

New Essence Dentistry Dentures

There are plenty of denture options, including Valplast and conventional dentures. Give us a call here at New Essence Dentistry so that we can go over all your options with you and give you the dentures you need.

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