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Wisdom tooth extraction is done surgically to remove one or more wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the four molars that emerge in the far back corners of the mouth on both top and bottom. Wisdom teeth commonly cause pain as they are erupting from under the surface. They can also cause your teeth to become misaligned, causing damage to the adjacent teeth, and even increase your likelihood of infection or other dental issues. You will likely need to have your wisdom teeth removed by our dentist near you if they begin to grow in.

In some cases, a person may never grow any of their wisdom teeth. In other cases, one or more wisdom teeth grow in at different times or at the same time. There is no standard expectation as to when or how your wisdom teeth will erupt. Here at New Essence Dentistry, we want all of our patients in Sacramento to be fully informed about wisdom tooth extraction. Our dentist in Sacramento, CA, will educate you on that.

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

Some people have a hard time understanding why wisdom teeth must be removed in the first place. In some cases, it is not necessary to remove wisdom teeth as they sometimes grow in normally if there is enough space for them in the mouth. In most cases, however, erupting wisdom teeth cause dental complications that can be detrimental to your oral health.

Wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth that will come in through the gums. Many times, a wisdom tooth can be a problem for your gums and can grow at a strange angle that presses against your other surrounding teeth. Most commonly caused by the fact that there was not enough space in the back of the jaw for the wisdom teeth to grow in.

An impacted wisdom tooth can grow at an angle towards the adjacent tooth that can press up against it causing pain, misalignment, and infection. In other cases, the tooth grows at an angle toward the back of the mouth, which is also a problem. Sometimes wisdom teeth grow at a right angle to the other teeth as if it is completely lying down, and it can also grow straight up and down as normal but become trapped within the jaw bone.

If you believe that you are a good candidate for a wisdom tooth extraction in West Sacramento, Rio Linda, Natomas or Gardenland, please give New Essence Dentistry a call today to set up an appointment.

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