What You Need to Know from a Same-Day Emergency Dentist in Sacramento

No one wants to think about having a tooth knocked out in an accident or during an impact-related sports event, but if it’s going to happen, it’s always good to be prepared for emergency dental care from a Sacramento dentist near you.

Planning Ahead Can Save Valuable Time

New Essence Dentistry recommends that you place our contact information in your phone and also give it to your child’s teachers and coaches as a pre-emptive measure to save time when emergency dental services are needed. No one wants to spend precious time searching for an emergency dentist near me in Sacramento when every second counts!

The First Course of Action When a Dental Emergency Strikes

Before you do anything else, we encourage you to call us. We’ll be able to give you advice about what you should do – and shouldn’t do – before arriving at our office. This valuable insight may make the difference in being able to save a damaged tooth or losing it entirely. Even if the emergency stems from an infection, tooth decay, or pain, an immediate call to New Essence Dentistry can limit the pain you feel increase your chance of optimum oral health.

There is Not a Singular Situation That Defines a Dental Emergency

Every person will experience an emergency in a different way. For some, a loose tooth may send off alarm signals, while others can function just fine with a loose tooth for weeks. The best way to define what constitutes a dental emergency is by defining whether the condition is related to acute trauma or a simmering condition that has finally worsened.

Get Answers and Get Treatment

If you’d like clarification on the symptoms that you or a family member are experiencing, we encourage you to call our office. When you call, we will make sure that you have all the instructions that you need to get to the office with a chance to salvage the tooth. Our team understands that you are in pain, possibly in shock, and potentially frightened, and we will do everything we can to see you right away.

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