Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Its Benefits and Risks

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure in which one or more of the four last molars situated at the back of the mouth are removed. The surgery can be performed by either an oral surgeon or a dentist.

This surgery is usually performed at the dentist’s office, but if you are having all teeth being extracted, it is done in the hospital in case of any complications. Should you contract any infections, the surgery may be delayed until the disease subsides. Wisdom tooth removal in Sacramento is done by well-trained dentists who have your best interests at heart.

Types of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth removal depends on the manner in which the teeth are growing in. It can either be down, backward, sideways, or straight up.

Vertical Impaction

In this case, your tooth is almost in a vertical position. Typically, such teeth usually erupt and grow into position without much problems. However sometimes the tooth necessitates removal if it is generating pressure below the molar teeth or causing discomfort on the jaw bone section beneath it.

Mesial Impaction

Wisdom tooth compaction is the most common of all the types of impactions. In this case the tooth lies at a crooked angle and pushes towards the front molar next to it. The angle that the tooth takes predicts if in the future there is going to be a problem or not. Mesial impaction can cause an eruption.

Distal Impaction

The tooth is angle that’s facing towards the mouths back part. The urge for removal depends on the tooth’s angle degree. If the tooth angle is zero degrees, it erupts normal, but if the tooth angle is close to ninety degrees, the probability of the tooth hitting a bone is very high. Therefore, an oral surgeon determines whether or not to remove the teeth. Depending on how the impaction is severe, a general anesthetic can be used for surgery.

Horizontal Impaction

It is one of the most painful impactions to experience. The molar is in a horizontal position pushing into a molar that is near it. Dental x-rays are used to determine whether the impaction is horizontal, and the surgery is then performed by a profession.

Problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth include:

  • pain
  • Trapped debris and food behind the wisdom tooth
  • Gum disease or infection
  • Tooth decay in a wisdom tooth that has partially erupted
  • Surrounding bone or the nearby tooth may be damaged
  • A fluid-filled sac may develop around the wisdom tooth

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Few orthodontic problems due to reduced crowding: Wisdom teeth eruption can sometimes cause overcrowding in the dentition, and this may damage the adjacent molars. Lack of room for wisdom teeth can lead to alignment issues with time since the teeth are pushed out of the way slowly. Removal of wisdom teeth reduces the need for braces or other types of corrective surgery for the misalignment.

It prevents any damage to the adjacent teeth: Wisdom teeth cause pressure that can weaken and even make the roots of the nearby teeth loose. Alternatively, it can grind away the enamel making the adjacent teeth vulnerable to bone loss and cavities.

Decreases the risks of inflammation and oral disease: Impacted wisdom teeth can easily cause inflammation of the gums, which may be persistent and difficult to treat. Persistence of wisdom makes it more likely for gum diseases and dental cavities to occur.

Prevents tumors, cysts, and jaw damage: Bacteria can make impacted wisdom teeth their feeding grounds, and this may lead to tumors or cysts that may invade your jawbone and result in intense joint pain to the temporomandibular joint, therefore, requiring treatment.

Risks of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Nerve damage which causes tingling and numbness. It is highly likely to happen if the extraction was difficult. The tingling or numbness occurs on the chin, tongue, or bottom lip, and it can be persistent for several weeks.

Dry socket (alveolitis). This can lead to pain and slow healing.

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